Managing My Virtual Visits To The Blue Ridge

I have been spending quite a bit of time the past few weeks trying to acquire a schedule I can live with. Between site updates and new research to learn more about these mountains I love and the states they cross, I am having less and less time to enjoy the state I live in. As the projects back up it seems the days do not get any longer…

So…Please bear with me as I try to work out the path I’ll be following as I make my way through this part of my life. It should be a lot of fun once I figure it out.

Blue Ridge Dreamer

OK, I’m a glutton for punishment…And a collector of domain names.

So welcome to a relaunch of this particular blog as the

It will continue to be the official blog of Mountain Dreams Press. Hopefully, I will be updating this more often than in the past couple of years.

And The Trip Begins

It doesn’t take long for the phone calls to begin once you register with the state to collect sales taxes…It seems that the day after I received my certificate I began to get the phone calls from companies offering me deals on credit card machines…At no cost to me…Just a small per transaction fee….Bla Bla Bla.

I wonder if the great state of Texas is selling these lists or they just giving them away?

Anyway…The bank accounts are open…Checks are printed…And we are still growing our network of sites…

Moving On

So…I am now in the process of setting this site up to be the home of all of my far flung dreams and muses. In the process I have registered the name with the state as a business entity…So now it’s not just a game anymore…Let’s see where this path leads.

I am waiting for the Bank to allow me to set up my business account which should happen next week…Working and learning as I go…

Mountain Dreams Press Is Born

After blogging at North Carolina Mountain Dreams for almost four years…Virginia Mountain Dreams for a year or so…Adding Appalachian Mountain Dreams and a whole bunch of state sites to the mix…Mountain Dreams Press just seemed like the natural progression of this crazy path I am following.